About us

SimulateFirst is a team of experienced IT and industrial engineers that have been deploying simulation and optimization methods for over 20 years.

Mr. Stec

"We see these technologies as an important means for solving difficult tasks in the industry"

Our mission

SimulateFirst’s mission is to save the costs and bring competitive advantage to our customers through the use of simulation technology. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction from jointly carried out projects.

Our co-operations and partnerships in Europe

  1. Visual Components Oy, Finland, SimulateFirst is an engineering partner of Visual Components, the maker of robot and automation simulation 3D Suite.

  2. Simio Simulation Team Germany, SimulateFirst is a member of the German Simio Group partnering with Simio LLC from Pittsburg USA, the maker of simulation software Simio.

  3. Incontrol GmbH, SimulateFirst works on project base together with Incontrol Deutschland, the maker of Enterprise Dynamics simulation software.

  4. IBM, SimulateFirst works together with IBM on optimization projects.

  5. Dualis, creator of scheduling software.

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